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Dolní Počernice, Prague 14

Land in Dolní Počernice totalling 185,000 sqm is one of the largest compact territories in the ownership of the City of Prague where the projects of rental housing could be implemented. Thanks to the commuter railroad and also a close ring road the area has good transport links with the city centre and it also offers enough opportunities for recreational leisure activities. The area is in accordance with the urban development plan, so the project preparation can be launched immediately.

The project in Dolní Počernice, where up to 1,500 flats can be constructed, should be implemented in several stages in the time horizon of 5-10 years (2020 – 2030).


We provide a preview of the working version of the Volume Verification Study. Please note that it will still be undergoing edits. Available in the link below:

Working version of the Volume Verification Study, release date 09/2021.