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Jinonice - Residential buildings and secondary school

The site is located in the Prague district of Jinonice on a gentle northwest-facing slope, and is bounded on the west
and south sides by the Waldorf Elementary School campus and then by Mezi Rolemi street; on the north side by
a closed Czech Army area, on the east side the project is adjacent to a partially completed landscaping project.
The area is immediately urbanistically connected to the Waldorf Elementary School campus on Mezi Rolemi street
and will be independently served by a road connected at the intersection of this street into Radlická street, next to the
existing substation.
Approximately 65% of the site of just under 20,000 m2 of GFA can be used for municipal housing construction with
the expected distribution into three residential buildings located on a gently northern slope along a newly created
street forming a boundary between the school site and the housing. The remaining capacity defined after changes to
the zoning plan will be used for a secondary school project (probably a Waldorf Lyceum). The City of Prague and the
Prague 5 municipal district concluded a memorandum of understanding in 2023 defining next steps and cooperation,
but the preparation of the projects themselves can only begin after approval of changes to the zoning plan (Z3768)
with the assumption that it will be issued at the end of 2024.
In the area near Mezi Rolemi street, two separate two-story residential buildings with parking in a semi-closed base-
ment are also planned.

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