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Pražská developerská společnost is starting its operation

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Pražská developerská společnost is starting its operation

Pražská developerská společnost has just started 

Establishment of Pražská developerská společnost (PDS), a new municipality-funded organization of the City of Prague, was approved at the end of May. It is starting its operation as of 1 June 2020. The organization will deal with the preparation of municipal housing projects and development of land and locations which are primarily owned by the city.

The intention initiated by Petr Hlaváček, deputy mayor and councillor for territorial development, was intensively negotiated from the middle of last year and from June this year, necessary organizational measures for PDS to start working autonomously have been taken.

The primary goal of the following months is to prepare several specific housing projects for zoning permit in such a manner that the municipal projects meet current requirements and specification of the city, that they are economically efficient in terms of construction costs and future long-term operation and that the individual buildings as well as the whole location have a high architectural quality.

“The role of PDS will be mostly a land-developer preparing municipal land for projects in the public interest, primarily for rental housing projects. The organization will prepare a concept and perform an approval process up to a planning permit and a building permit. The realisation itself should be carried out in collaboration with the private sector, cooperatives or building communities,” adds Petr Hlaváček, deputy mayor.

The result will be appreciation of municipal land and extension of municipal housing stock. The private sector, which will be offered to cooperate on the projects, where the main construction parameters have already been agreed on and where implementation should be carried out without major complications, will benefit from it too.

PDS is based in the city centre in Radniční domy (Town Hall Houses) in the close vicinity of the New Town Hall. “We already have a basic team but other interested persons experienced in the field of real estate, development and construction are welcome. You can expect intensive, varied and very interesting work. The team will be at the birth of something new, which is a strong advantage,” adds Tomáš Veselý, deputy director who is temporarily in charge of management of PDS.