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About PDS

Pražská developerská společnosti (PDS) is a municipality-funded organization of the City of Prague in charge of municipal real-estate assets.

The goal of PDS is to initiate, coordinate or possibly to develop mostly municipal housing, or possibly other schemes in public interest on land owned by the City of Prague.

Building of municipal flats in Prague was constantly decreasing from 1991 and it definitely stopped in 2008. Up to 99% of flats built by 1995 were constructed by the private sector. There is a political consensus that municipal house building needs recovery in the form of municipal rental housing, which would contribute to meeting demand for affordable housing in the Czech capital city,” says doc. ing. arch. Petr Hlaváček, first deputy mayor of the City of Prague.

Establishment of PDS was inspired by similar municipal development organizations operating in Western European cities, e.g. land development of a widely recognised project of Hafen City in Hamburg and the construction of projects of affordable housing in Munich.

PDS will focus mainly on the projects of rental housing, within which miscellaneous requirements of the city could be met. It will collaborate with the Institute for Planning and Development of the City of Prague and with relevant municipal authorities and self-government in their preparation.

In terms of larger projects, various models of construction and cooperation with the private sector, as in the case of other European cities, is expected to be involved.

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