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Obligatory Disclosures

Full Official Name

Pražská developerská společnost, Statutory Corporation of City of Prague

Incorporator Designation

The City of Prague based at Mariánské náměstí 2/2
110 01 Prague 1
Commercial registration number: 00064581

Definition of the Main Purpose and Subject of Activity of the Organization

The organization is established for the purpose of the provision of comprehensive services and activities associated with administration and use of real-estate assets owned by the founder with the aim to develop these assets in the long term (in particular, but not exclusively, land owned by the founder intended for house building) with the aim to initiate, prepare and ensure implementation of the projects of municipal housing (particularly flats) and coordination with other subjects taking part in development of the city mainly in the field of housing.

Organizational Structure

Petr Urbánek
Managing Director

Martin Červinka
Deputy Director

Kristina Fillová
Head of Office

Hana Matějková
Financial Manager

Martina Frintová
Communications Specialist

Real Estate Professionals

Radka Kalfeřtová
Project Manager

Martin Kloda
Project Manager

Michaela Kloudová
Project Manager

Jakub Kováříček
Project Manager

Štěpán Kubíček
Project Manager

Tomáš Lukeš
Project Manager

David Mestek
Project Manager

Pavel Novák
Project Manager

Rastislav Tomaščík
Project Manager

Petra Vaněčková
Project Manager

Contacts and Filing Office

Pražská developerská společnost, municipality-funded organization
U Radnice 10/2
110 00 Prague 1

Filing Office
Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Commercial registration number: 09211322
Data box: 46ziusv

Telephone: +420 771 173 911

Bank details